Coffee for the Soul. From the Heart

We believe in the soul of coffee; in the journey of each bean and the story of every roast. This is why we go to exceptional lengths to preserve the harvest-fresh quality of our products, from crop to cup.

By bringing the transformative power of coffee directly into people’s everyday lives, we make memorable daily moments accessible in intimate settings.

We believe that busy lives needn’t sacrifice sophistication. Our beautiful easy-to-use machines make you the barista behind your own daily moments of decadence, whoever you are, wherever you are.

Inspired by the Ethical Coffee Company’s (ECC) dedication and passion behind their pod range, we brought them into our mission. Generations have poured their love into ECC sourced beans, while giving back to the earth through 100% biodegradable pods.



Quality Convenience

Wherever you are, quality coffee is now ready at your very fingertips.


Sophistication Made Simple

With Collekto, you are the innovator of your own unique coffee lifestyle.


Ethical With Purpose

By using only 100% biodegradable pods, we ensure that our coffee is enjoyed by generations to come.


A Heritage of Love

Our products are inspired by generations of knowledge and passion.

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